Cold Steel Pendleton Lite Hunter - 4116 Krupp - 20SPH

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Over the years our Pendleton Hunters have become enormously popular, and while we think they are reasonably priced, many have asked us for a more affordable Pendleton that will accommodate just about anyone's budget.

So we got together with Lloyd and designed a new knife we call the Pendleton Lite Hunter. In appearance it strongly resembles the rest of the family with a drop point blade, modest guard, hollowed bolster area and a flared butt to aid retention. The only major changes were the adoption of more affordable German 4116 Stainless steel and the use of polypropylene instead of Kray-Ex™ for the handle.

In our testing it got straight A's in the field as it is equally adept at field dressing and skinning, held a decent edge, was easy to sharpen, and proved to be tough as nails.

If you're looking for a very affordable hunting/utility knife that comes with a good, pouch-style sheath and delivers more than your money's worth in performance and value look no further than the Pendleton Lite.

Weight 2.7oz 76.5g
Blade Thickness 1⁄8" 3.2mm
Blade Length 35⁄8" 9.2cm
Handle 47⁄8" 12.4cm
Handle Details High Impact Polypropylene
Steel 4116 Krupp Stainless
Overall 8½" 21.6cm
Sheath Cordura
Country of Origin Taiwan


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