Spypoint Electronic Ear Defenders EEM2-24 (6x) - Green

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The amplified ear defenders include 2 microphones to enable better hearing enhancement. It increases from 6 times low sounds like voices, animal sounds and leaf noises and also decreases loud sounds and harmful noises (more than 85dB) like gun shots. The EEM2-24 model features a plug for an external microphone which permits you to pick up sounds outside your hunting stand when inside. The amplified ear-muffs allow hunters to benefit from an isolation which permits them to be highly concentrated during a shooting situation. Available in Camo or Green.

• Enhances hearing by 6 times
• 2 microphones
• Plug in for external microphone
• Stereo sound amplification
• 4x AAA batteries included
• Independent volume control on each side (On/Off)
• Hearing protection
• Automatically blocks sounds over 85dB
• Adjustable padded headband

  • dimensionsDimensions: 145x195x100 mm
  • Weight in grammes Weight: 256g
  • Battery Type & Quantity Battery: 2x AAA
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