Birchwood Casey Target Spots

Birchwood Casey Target Spots

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These convenient, fluorescent red Target Shots® Self-Adhesive Targets create instant bull`s-eyes for all types of target practice. The high contrast, radiant red color lets you see a sharper sight picture and bullet holes more clearly for better scores and smaller groups. Try all sizes for different distances and uses – rifle, shotgun, handguns and archery.

1"   Target spots - Package includes 360 sticker Targets
1.5" Target spots - Package includes 160 sticker Targets
2"   Target spots - Package includes 90 sticker Targets
3"   Target Spots - Package includes 40 sticker Targets, 120 Pasters
6"   Target Spots - Package includes 10 sticker Targets, 120 Pasters
8"   Target Spots - Package includes 8 sticker Targets, 96 Pasters 

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