Lansky Curved Blade Sharpening Hone - Medium Grit

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Spare or Replacement Medium Grit Curved Blade Sharpening Hone for Lansky Sharpening Systems.

Designed by the best knife sharpening company in the world to complement their fixed angle sharpening systems; the Lanksy Curved Medium Blade Sharpening Hone has been designed for bringing your knife back to sharpness on inwardly curved blades such as a karambit, kukri, hawkbill etc.

Lanksy's silicon carbide sharpening hones have set the worldwide standard for modern sharpening equipment, if you're serious about keeping your tools as sharp as they can be then this sharpener is certainly a wise investment.

Coarse Grit: 120
Medium Grit: 280
Fine Grit: 600
Ultra Fine Grit:1000

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