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Just the thing for any kind of cooking area, the Stove In A Can Weekender was created to be a crucial instrument for virtually every chef. A high quality kitchen utensil will make your food preparation experience even more straight forward. And thanks to the Stove In A Can Weekender, there's never been a greater time to get one of these amazing kitchen tools. This bit of Camping Gear from Stove In A Can is created by using tough and effective components, in an attempt to ensure you have a long lasting and efficient option for your food preparation specifications. For a reasonable length of time, Stove In A Can has been well known within the cooking food field, and the Stove In A Can Weekender is the consequence of their serious amounts of dedication to making sure cooks are working with some of the best conceivable devices on the market. When your kitchen is in need of that most suitable utensil, choose the Stove In A Can Weekender.

Stove In A Can Weekender is a simple, lightweight, all-in-one heating stove that burns twice as hot at half the price of other heating stoves. This stove uses all-natural fuel cells made of wood and food grade wax. To use, simply ignite the paper wrapper or a small portion of the fuel cell; to extinguish, flip the lid and close the can. The stove comes with one Standard fuel cell (approx. 1 hr burn time).

Features of Stove In A Can Weekender:
   Weight: 1.0 lbs (stove); 0.5 lbs (fuel cell)
    Size: 2.75"x6.5"x6.5"
    Ignition: Manual
    Boil time: 5 min.

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