LED Lenser Magnetic Mount

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The LED Lenser magnetic mount is designed for use with the LED Lenser MT10 and MT14 or any other flashlight with a barrel diameter of approx 27mm - 32mm.

A screw holds the cage of the mount together, which when loosened allows you to pull the mount apart so that the torch can be put in position. The mount is supplied with two sets of rubber inserts to prevent the torch getting scratched and so that the diameter is correct to hold the torch firmly in place. There is a thicker set for the MT10 and a thinner set for MT14.

Once the desired rubber inserts and torch are in place the mount can then be closed and tighten with the screw. The torch can then be mounted onto a magnetic rod or pole so that the torch can be used hands free. The strong magnet attaches to most magnetic surfaces like steel gun barrels and the V shape design allows it to be compatible with a wide range of pole diameters.

Useful to attach your torch to a magnetic tent pole, workshop shelving or any other suitable pole or gun barrel.

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