Denix Pirate Blunderbuss 18th. Century 1094/L

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The Blunderbuss was commonly used on British, French, and American warships to repel would-be boarders. They could be loaded with shot, nails, glass, or any other material with the potential of causing severe harm to the target. They were primarily used as a defensive measure in close quarters. This English Flintlock Blunderbuss is typical of an ornate 18th Century design and comes in a Brass or Antique Gray finish.

This replica Blunderbuss Pistol flintlock pistol is safe and non-firing. Popular as stage props and re-enactor guns. Build a fantastic historic gun collection at a fraction of the cost of the originals or expensive black powder gun replicas.

    Non-Firing Replica
    Museum Quality Historical Reproduction
    Authentic size and weight of actual gun
    Denix replica guns are made of quality wood and metal
    Antique Grey and Brass Finish

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