Fenix Remote Pressure Switch AR102

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 Fenix AR102 remote switch designed to fit Fenix square cut thread models PD35, TK11R5, TK12, TK15, TK21, TK22, TA20, TA21. Four sensors parallel connected to the spring steel switch module for reliable operation, the switch activates your flashlight by applying slight finger pressure. Once pressure is released the switch turns the flashlight off.

    Fenix AR102 remote switch for Fenix PD35, TK11R5, TK12, TK15, TK21, TK22, TA20 and TA21 models
    Cable length from 23cm (coiled) to 80cm (extended)
    Replaces tail cap on torch for weapon or bike mounting
    Tail cap mounted side switch for constant on/off operation
    Pressure switch for momentary on operation
    Pressure switch rated for 100,000 operations.

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