Hydrotech Decanting Hose Kit

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It is possible to use a 7 or 12 Litre cylinder to act as storage and top up the 3 or 4 Litre cylinder that you use in the field. Our decanting hose kit will give you the means to fill your smaller cylinder from your larger one, resulting in less trips to a filling station.

A 12 Litre cylinder will give approximately 5 top-ups of a 3 Litre or 4 top-ups of a 4 Litre. (Top-ups will range from 300 Bar down to 200 Bar as pressure reduces - assuming that the 3 or 4-Litre is run down to no less than 150 Bar each time)

Simply couple the decanting adaptor to the end of your existing charging kit or save messing around with fill adaptors/decanting adaptors and have a dedicated decanting system.

NOTE: This Decanting Hose Is Only To Be Used Where At Least One Valve Has A Bleed.

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