eGear Survival Towels - 3 Pack

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What makes a towel a "survival towel"? Most people's bug out bags, survival kits, and emergency caches are already nearly filled to capacity. The last thing you want is to take up loads of space for an item that is normally viewed as a simple non-essential commodity. Of course a true prepper knows that a towel can be used for more than just drying things off! The eGear Survival Towel is incredibly compact, at least until you use it. The fabric material only becomes 'activated' once exposed to water, in which it then becomes incredibly absorbent. But you can still use it for dry applications too!

Survival Towel Details:
    Super Compact (1.75" x .375" when compressed)
    Weighs 0.6 ounces when dry
    13" x 22" when expanded
    Comes in pack of three
    Made from synthetic non-woven Rayon
    Use wet or dry

    Multiple Uses:

    Collecting Water:         Absorb dew         Soak up muddy/dirty water (Of course you'll have to purify it then!)
    Insulation:         Might not seem like much, but strategically placing some type of material that acts as 'dead air space' can greatly enhance insulation. You can use it on yourself, like a scarf or hat, or you can plug holes in your shelter where heat would normally escape.
    Filtering Water:         This won't purify your water, but by filtering your water through a fibrous material, you can at least remove large contaminants, something boiling and chemical treatments can't do.
    Cordage:         By strategically cutting a towel into a single long strand, you can provide yourself with plenty of effective rope.
    Cleaning:         This is obvious, but we're going to say it anyway. That way we now have 5 uses.

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