Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C Targets - 48 x 3"

Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C Targets - 48 x 3"

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With SHOOT.N.C. Targets, pellet holes are revealed with bright chartreuse rings-providing you with instant feedback and eliminating the need to walk down the range or use binoculars or spotting scopes, perfect for all firearms and calibers, great visibility, self adhesive, includes repair plasters to patch target and lengthen target life, fluorescent orange aiming point
This package of varied Shoot•N•C® Self-Adhesive Targets from Birchwood Casey allow shooters to pick a target sized for the application at hand. Additionally, these are great for those who enjoy designing their own custom target sheet. This target system makes hits easily visible in both low light and at long distances.
Package includes 48 x 3" Bull’s-Eye Targets, 120 Pasters.

3" Bull’s-Eye, 48 Targets, 120 Pasters

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