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Build ups of condensation can be extremely frustrating in many situations. Bike helmets, car windows and weapon sights are just a few examples of equipment which can be affected and, in some cases, this can be extremely dangerous.

In airsoft, a player’s vision can be impaired greatly when there is an abundance of steam on their scopes and this can have negative effects on their performance in the game, making it harder for them to successfully hit enemy players.

In addition, condensation can often prove difficult to remove from bike helmets, especially when moving at high speeds. While this may be an annoyance in the context of a sport such as airsoft, on the road this can pose a huge danger to both the driver themselves and the traffic around them.

The Solution:
Abbey's Anti Fog Cloth is a new addition to the Abbey Supply product range to help solve this problem.

Wiping over your equipment will instantly remove build ups of condensation and the solution within the material helps to breakdown the surface tension, preventing further misting from occurring and ruining your vision. It’s important liquid is applied but not completely removed (wiped off) – a thin invisible film must be left to do the work.

The supple characteristics of the cloths ensures their use will not cause any damage to your equipment which allows them to be used for both budget and expensive items with the same results.

Their design allows for them to be used in a multitude of applications and a convenient sized grip seal bag included helps to keep them extremely portable.

Furthermore, the solution within the material prevents condensation from collecting long after they are used which can be hugely beneficial for weekend airsoft games, long distance motorbike journeys and other activities.

If you’re looking for a quick, powerful and easy-to-use solution to demisting a variety of equipment, our Anti Fog Cloth is the perfect tool. Just keep one in your bag and it’ll be ready for whenever you need it.

Our Anti Fog Cloth provides a quick and easy way to remove condensation from googles, visors and scopes.

A simple wipe over equipment stops condensation forming to fog your vision and ruin your game.

In addition, the grip seal bag keeps your cloth clean, full of anti-fogging sloution and ready to use for when you need it most.

    Extremely portable and convenient for many situations
    Grip seal bag keeps the cloth safe and full of the anti foggins solution
    A perfect supplementary product to our Anti Fog Spray

This effective and convenient solution to fogging makes a great addition to your range of gun and personal care equipment.

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