Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System Upgrade Kit GSS WS-3915

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Expand your Guided Sharpening System to repair damaged blades, sharpen a wider range of tools, and create the ultimate cutting edge.

Kit Includes:• Extra-Coarse Diamond Plate (220 Grit)
• Extra-Fine Diamond Plate (800 Grit)
• Leather Stropping Plate
•25° Stropping Angle Guides (2)
• 0.5 Micron Honing Compound

The Guided Sharpening System Upgrade Kit includes two additional Diamond Plates (Extra Coarse 220 grit and Extra Fine 800 grit), and a Leather Strop Kit with 25° angle guides and 0.5 micron chromium oxide honing compound. The Diamond Plates and Leather Strop are 1.25" x 6 and are designed to fit the Guided Sharpening System only.

The Extra Coarse Diamond Plate (220 grit) allows you to expand your sharpening capabilities to common edge tools, and is ideal for removing material quickly when repairing or re-profiling a knife. The Extra Fine Diamond Plate (800 grit) offers a refined sharpening experience, ideal when re-sharpening a knife or other fine edge tool. The Leather Strop is used as the final step when refining your knife edge to create the sharpest edge possible. The leather and honing compound combine to produce an incredibly keen edge for high performance cutting tasks.

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