Birchwood Casey Super Black Touch-Up Pen (Gloss Black)

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This is the gloss black pen.

Key Features:
    Contains a fast-drying, lead-free paint.
    Fills in deep scratches or worn areas.
    Available in Gloss or Flat black.

The Super Black Touch-Up Pens contain a fast-drying, lead-free paint with superior adhesion and durability that helps fill in deep scratches or worn areas. Specially formulated for use on highly polished and matte finished alloy gun receivers, trigger guards, scopes, binoculars, cameras, flashlights, fishing reels and other sporting accessories.

Q: Will the Super Black Touch Up Pen ever rub off?
A: The Super Black Touch up Pen will rub off if it is exposed to excessive friction.
Q: When I first opened the pen it appears to be dried out.
A: Consumers often think that the pen is dried out when they receive it.  The tip is white and dry. The pen needs to be shaken and then you need to press down on the tip a few times to get the ink flowing.
Q: I left the cap off my pen and it dried out. What can I do?
A: If marker is not tightly capped when stored, the tip may dry out and become unusable. If this occurs, remove the tip and soak it overnight in paint thinner. Reattach and try again.

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