Gr8 Fun Pellet Drop Targets - Pack of 100 plus 10 Holders

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This pack contains 100 cards and 10 plastic target holders. The cards are just slightly larger than a credit card so will easily fit in to a shirt pocket complete with the target holders and they weigh almost nothing!

The Pellet Drop-Zeroing Card Target has been developed to help shooters visualise the path a pellet takes over various ranges. Set out the targets at intervals of approximately 5m.  Aiming at the bullseye with every shot the path of the pellet can be tracked as it impacts initially low for "closer than your zero" ranges, through to over the zero and then again below zero for the targets placed past zero.

The 300gsm card target has scales in both inches and cm making it simple to learn how much hold over or under is required for the various ranges.

The flip side of the card has five 1" circles to allow checking of your zero before hunting or just for pleasure plinking.

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