Cold Steel Finn Wolf Red - AUS 8 - 20NPH

Cold Steel Finn Wolf Red - AUS 8 - 20NPH

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Cold Steel President Lynn C Thompson has always admired the sleek lines and dependable, highly functional blade shape of the classic Pukko. Ever since our inception in 1980, this classic Finnish hunting, and utility knife has never been far from his thoughts.

Over the years, we have released numerous versions of the Pukko, and now, in a design collaboration with custom knife-maker Andrew Demko, Lynn is proud to introduce a new folding Pukko - the Finn Wolf!

Taking the classic Pukko as inspiration, Andrew Demko brought his engineering genius to a new, hard-working folding knife. Thin, super lightweight, easy to carry and even easier to use, this modern EDC (Every Day Carry) knife is perhaps the perfect "everyman" knife.

Equipped with our Tri-Ad lock, adding new levels of safety and security, the Finn Wolf is utterly impervious to shock ' making it reliable in the toughest, most uncompromising conditions.

Its satin polished Japanese AUS8A blade is ready to put in long hours and hard work, and, with its keen zero ground edge it's a breeze to re sharpen.

With this much performance packed into this comfortable, strong, practical and inexpensive a package, there's simply no excuse not to add one to your collection today!

Weight     3.36oz     95.3g
Blade Length     3½"     8.9cm
Handle     4.37"     11.1cm
Handle Details     Grivory
Steel     Stainless Steel - AUS-8
Length     3½"     8.9cm
Overall     7.87"     20.0cm
Colour     Silver
Material     Grivory

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