UCO Titan Fire Striker - Ferro Rod

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Extra Large Ferro Rod from UCO Offering Approximately 20'000 Strikes.

Sparks fly when the Titan Fire Striker is used with its stainless steel striker. This fire starter has many uses and can ignite tinder or be used to light a campfire, gas stove or gas barbeque. The robust Ferrocerium rod is capable of 20,000 strikes (at 5400 degrees F) in all conditions (at all altitudes and in cold weather).

It also comes with a stainless steel striker which also is a multifunctional survival tool with 8 functions. Functions include screwdriver, bottle opener, 4 hex sizes and striker.

The bright sparks from the Fire Striker can also be used as an emergency signal. Finally it's all held together with a Paracord lanyard connected to both pieces with a Rapid Release Connector.

    20,000+ Strike Ferrocerium Rod
    Includes 8 Function Multi-tool Striker
    Includes Quick Release Carabiner

    Length: 4" (10cm)
    Diameter: 1/2" (12mm)
    Weight: 3.4 oz  (96 grams)

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