Sierra Sports Master .38 Calibre (.357) 125 gr. JSP - Box of 100

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Sierra Sports Master .38 Calibre (.357) 125 gr. JSP Box 100 - Product Code: 8310

Accuracy at 50 to 100 yards and tough construction were the main design criteria for the 125 grain #8310 bullets when they were introduced in 1970. Accuracy rivaling the best target grade wadcutters makes this an exceptional hunting bullet for the 357 Magnum or larger cartridges in handguns or rifles when deep penetration and expansion are required. Best suited to medium game and heavy loads, each bullet is also right at home on the Handgun Silhouette range.

Dia. (inches): .357
Weight (grains): 125
Sectional Density: .140

Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges
.133 @ 1300 fps and above
.155 between 900 and 1300 fps
.140 @ 900 fps and below

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