Outdoor Connection Padded Super Sling - Black

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The Padded Super-Sling® adds the comfort of a hand-crafted silicone treated, non-slip suede lined shoulder pad to the rapid one-hand adjustable Super-Slings®.The pad is designed as an integral part of the Padded Super-Sling®and is constructed with the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship as the original Super-Slings®.

The integral thumb loop is specifically designed to help reduce arm and hand fatigue while you are carrying your firearm.

The thumb loop also adds greatly to steadying and controlling your firearms while moving in rough terrain. supplied with sling swivels.

Key Features:

  • Installs easily onto existing swivel bases
  • Rapid one-hand adjustment
  • Locks into position for extra stability
  • Shape conforming & resilient pad
  • Moisture-proof bonding in pad
  • Mil-Spec type webbing
  • Includes TALON Quick-Release detachable swivels
  • Integral thumb-loop for comfort and control

Please Note: Swivels included

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