Cold Steel Kiridashi - 4034 STL - 20KPL

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The Kiridashi is a New Lock Knife from Cold Steel!
Our Kiridashi folder offers a razor sharp classically shaped blade made from 4034SS stainless steel that’s mated to a handsome, comfortable Griv Ex™ grip that will never rot, crack, warp or mildew. To guard your fingers, it comes with our Tri-Ad® Locking mechanism, proven time and time again to be the strongest, safest locking mechanism available. Light in weight, thin and handy, our Kiridashi is a joy to carry clipped to a pocket. And it’s bargain priced and a tremendous value to boot!
Weight 2.4oz 68.0g
Blade Length 41⁄8" 10.5cm
Handle 4" 10.2cm
Handle Details Reinforced Nylon
Steel 4034SS
Length 41⁄8" 10.5cm
Overall 61⁄8" 15.6cm
Colour Silver
Material Reinforced Nylon
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