Pneumatic guns run off compressed air which you prime by 'pumping' the gun. The amount of 'pumps' you give it varies from gun to gun. Always read the instructions before using any airgun so as not to cause damage to the gun or injury to yourself. The power of the gun can also vary but the pistols we stock are always below 6 ft / lbs. Pneumatic pistols have the advantages of being recoil-less and unaffected by temperature and because of this they are generally very accurate.

**Some of these pistols are highly realistic so you must extremely careful when and where you use them so as not to cause undue distress or concern to members of the public. If you are seen running around in a public place with any of these you are liable to get  in a very serious situation with the Police and possibly even shot!**

Air pistols can't be sent 'mail order' but they can be delivered to your local RFD subject to a fee. Or they can be collected in store. Please contact us for details.

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Crosman 1377 Classic .177

£119.95 / unit(s) *
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