Blank Firing Pistols

Blank Firing Pistols

We stock a range of blank firing pistols in the 'two tone' finish. Although we can get the realistic 'black' versions of most of these pistols you can only purchase them if you meet certain criteria. (ie. You need one for a play / theatre group and you must provide the relevant documents / ID). They come in a variety of calibres and are mainly used for dog training / starting races. We also stock the relevant blanks.

**Although these pistols are brightly coloured (the Police will rightly treat brightly coloured guns as though they are the real thing) you must extremely careful when and where you use them so as not to cause undue distress or concern to members of the public. If you are seen running around in a public place with any of these you are liable to get  in a very serious situation with the Police and possibly even shot!**

Two Tone Blank firing pistols can be sent directly to you providing you are over 18 and provide a copy of your ID.

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Bruni GAP Glock 17 - 8mm

£149.95 / unit(s) *

Bruni Model P4 Beretta - 8mm

£119.95 / unit(s) *

12G Blank Alarm Mine

£19.95 / unit(s) *
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