GRS Femund - Deep Sheath

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The Femund is a Stunning Heavyweight Bushcraft Knife from GRS and Brusletto in a Range of Colours.

The GRS Femund comes in 8 different colors, and two different sheeth styles, Classic and deep.

Why do we love it?
Full tang knife, in our opinion, the most rugged and versatile design ever made.
The looks, lovely lines and available in 8 different colors!
The sharpness, it is ultra sharp and easy to set up the edge again when you need to.
The size, perfect all around knife!

It's perfect for making tinder for starting a fire, cutting Biltong, Beef Jerky and other meaty snacks and of course gutting, skinning and cutting down deer. Our customers and I have used these knives in the harshest conditions in winter in  Scandinavia and the US, the hottest days in Africa and the wettest days in Norway, it just works!!

A functional and beautiful companion for your hunting and fishing trips :)

Weight: 325 grams (including sheath)
Total length knife: 23.5 cm
Length blade: 11.5 cm
Knife steel: Böhler 690 in HRC58 quality
Handle: GRS birch laminate
Sheath: Black ox leather with edge block
Produced with GRS laminate side panels and a finger guard for safety.

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