CCL Traditional Gunstock Oil Finishing Kit

CCL Traditional Gunstock Oil Finishing Kit

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CCL Traditional English Gun Products LTD are masters in their field and produce some of the best gun stock renovation products out there.

Contains the original old red root oil recipe to bring out the colour and figure in the wood , oil hardener, Polishing compound and abrasive for the gun owner to achieve that fine professional protective oil finish.

This CCL Kit consists of:
CCL Gunstock Cleaning & Polishing Compound (50ml bottle) is used for preparing the surface of the wood before applying the oil and for honing the surfaces between the dried coats.
A small sheet of fine abrasive paper
CCL Red Root Oil (50ml bottle) for sealing the grain, enhancing the figure and producing the finish together with the
CCL Hardener (50ml) for drying the oil in the wood to produce a hard weather proof and deep sheen to the surface.

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