Sporting Scene - Shooting Skeet

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Skeet shooting is one of the most popular disciplines in modern clay shooting, for both the novice and competitive shooter it offers a wide range of challenging targets.

Skeet evolved from a discipline called "Round the clock" which as the name implies, targets were thrown from twelve points marked in a circle representing the hours of a clock. A semi-circular layout was soon adopted being more practical and came to be known as Skeet. The Scandinavian word for 'shoot'.

John Bidwell, a winner of the British and World Sporting Championships also author of the book "Move mount shoot" demonstrates his individual style and technique of shooting which has made him a world renowned shot. John explains the main stance and gun mounting positions required to shoot Skeet consistently as well as some personal pointers to help improve your success.

Two pupils join John for instruction on shooting Skeet and are guided through the various targets, station by station, giving the viewer detailed visual information to achieve a sound and consistent level of shooting.

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